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The federal government has imposed 25% tariffs on imported steel and 10% tariffs on imported aluminum. These tariffs will apply to imports from any country, including from our defense allies.

The Coalition of American Metal Manufacturers and Users opposes these tariffs which threaten American jobs and global competitiveness. Our Coalition is a broad organization of U.S. businesses and trade associations representing over 30,000 companies and over one million American workers in the manufacturing sector and the downstream supply chains of industries including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, consumer goods, construction, defense, electrical, medical, and recreational, among others. 

We are standing up for jobs.  We have seen the impacts of steep tariffs before. The U.S. lost 200,000 American jobs as a direct result of the 201 Steel Tariffs imposed in 2002 by President George W. Bush.  Today’s tariffs threaten the jobs of some 6.5 million Americans employed in steel consuming positions along with countless others at manufacturing plants reliant on aluminum.

We are standing up for competitiveness.  The restricted availability and increased cost of raw materials will lead to increased prices, putting American manufacturers at a disadvantage to overseas competitors.

We are standing up for national security.  Our allies around the world are already promising to take action.  For example, the European Union announced that it will retaliate against $3.5 billion worth of U.S. exports including steel, industrial products, and agricultural products. Additionally, South Korea announced intentions to file a formal complaint with the U.S. Trade Organization.   

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Our Members:

American Institute for International Steel

Associated Builders and Contractors

Industrial Fasteners Institute

Hands-On Science Partnership 

National Tooling & Machining Association

North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers

Precision Machined Products Association

Precision Metalforming Association

American Wire Producer Association (Associate Member)